Mystical Human Energy Vibrations

By @Scearpo on Twitter

Every object, person, and location has a specific radio bandwidth of energy coded for you and only you. The fresh curious sensation you feel when something is new to you is hitting a fresh ore of this energy. Familiarity and boredom is you having drained rid energy source.

This source of energy, whether it be a new hangout spot, a fresh relationship, a recent gift, is used up in the process of speeding up your time. When the energy is drained, time will begin to slow. Personal emotional value feedback trickles to a drip.

Energy sources can be revitalized over time, with breaks. They can also be altered and revitalized through change. Physical change to the source itself, or personal change. Rearranging personal perception through willpower can change your "bandwidth" to get different energy.

Powerful experiences can alter and taint sources of energy, particularly large ones such as locations. Sensory experiences can be employed to purify energy sources. If a source cannot be altered from a negative frequency, its destruction will cease the energy altogether.

Personal energy given off by people is part of an interconnected economy of energy, neutral sources, powerful suppliers, and unintentional leeches. There is also tainted energy from insidious sources of people. Usually the face reveals emotional frequency, but it can be hidden.

Emotions are a both a symptom and cause of altering energy sources to alternate frequencies. Like two ripples in a pond intersecting and altering one another. Sexual interaction is one of the most powerful change in frequency and source or desiccant of energy output.

Especially magnetic relationships can result in an unstable feedback loop which could result to changing incompatible frequencies at high velocity. Generally slightly less powerful energy is considered more stable but also less fulfilling.

Sources of energy can be given residual imprints over time, strengthening their output like an overcharged battery. Objects less subject to alteration, with longer historical repetitive association with others tend to be more powerful, the most potent being celestial bodies.

Physical objects with residual buildup, usually through multiple sources over time, can provided a more focused source, but they have a high possibility of being destroyed or tainted without precautions from outside factors ie being destroyed or tainted by powerful emotion events

You already knew all of this.

  • "Full moon tonight, people are crazy"
  • "This guys got bad vibes"
  • "That place gives me the creeps"
  • "I always feel so cozy at grandmas house"
  • "Open campfire hypnotism"
  • "2pm lethargy"
  • "Rainstorm relaxation"
  • "Dried up relationships"
  • "Time flies when you're having fun"

These are ideas readily accepted by literally everyone as separate concepts. The idea that there are underlying vibrational frequencies to everyone, which are manifested and manipulated on an emotional level, and through perception, all of it, is something everyone has accepted

However, categorizing each of these common intuitive experiences as part of one grand unseen system is something suppressed and derided. Yet the truth of the nature of it cannot be fully concealed and reveals itself in the words we choose to describe this phenomenon.