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Threats and Dangers in the Modern World

On this page you'll find notes about often overlooked long-term dangers in the modern world.

Keep in mind that much of the advice below is only effective if you follow my nutrition advice. For instance, if you avoid using suncreen but your diet is poor, you will likely burn yourself.


Blue light

Avoid blue light from artificial light sources and monitors as much as possible.

  • Blue light is a contributing factor in myopia (near-sightedness) and macular degeneration (vision loss).
  • Blue light can cause eye strain and headaches.
  • High-energy blue light and lack of sunlight likely causes free iron to accumulate in and around your eyes, which is very bad. See: Iron Homeostasis and Eye Disease.
  • Exposure to blue light at night inhibits melatonin production which disrupts your circadian rhythm and poor sleep, which leads to a number of health problems.
  • There are likely many other negative effects of blue light that I don't feel confident mentioning here.

Avoid the damage caused by blue light by installing a blue light filter on your computer and phone (such as f.lux), avoiding screens as much as possible, and getting plenty of sunlight.


There's a lot of research on blue light and eye damage, check it out for yourself. Here are some articles:


Do not use sunscreen.

Commercial sunscreen is full of endocrine disrupting chemicals that get absorbed by your skin, and end up accumulating in your body at high levels, plus most sunscreens have not been toxologically tested.

But we don't even need to turn to science in order to reject sunscreen. Commercial sunscreen has been around for less than 100 years which isn't nearly enough time to learn about the long term effects.

But what then instead?

  • Build up tolerance.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Wear a hat and protective clothing (such as light loose fitting shirt).
  • Don't expose yourself for long periods of time; take frequent "breaks" from the sun.
  • Avoid everything under the What to avoid section on the Nutrition page, especially polyunsatured fatty acids.
  • Use a natural sunscreen such as zinc oxide paste or coconut oil.



Do not use sunglasses (unless you need them to drive safely or to look cool).

You don't need them. They will just make your vision worse and weaken the signals that enforce a healthy circadian rhythm.

More info


Do not use shampoo.

The sulfates in shampoo, while removing dirt from your hair and scalp, also strip them of natural oils. This dries out your hair and makes it frizzy and brittle.

Your scalp also absorbs whatever industrial chemicals the shampoo contains.

More info


Do not watch porn.

Do I even need to mention this one?

More info in case you're not convinced.


Mouthbreathing means using your mouth instead of your nose to breathe. The habit usually begins as an infant and it causes a myriad of health problems later on in life.

More extensive information is available on the breathing page. You might be mouthbreathing without being aware of it. Check out the page.

Iron toxicity

Beware of consuming non-heme iron, found in many plant foods. It has a low bioavailability, so most of it (from upward of 60%) gets stored in organs and tissue as "labile iron" acting as a catalyst for oxidative damage to your cells. This is what iron toxicity means.

Like pretty much everyone today, you probably have accumulated lots of such iron over the years, especially if you are a male or a postmenopausal woman (if you are a young woman, the monthly blood loss via menstruation helps remove free labile iron, although iron toxicity is still a risk).

So what can you do?

Focus on getting more magnesium (which you need to supplement) and retinol (preformed vitamin A) and bioavailable copper, found mainly in animal fats and foods. Liver is a great source of retinol and bioavailabel copper. These work to remove excess iron from your body. Also see thenutrition page.

For more info, check out the following links.



Copper toxicity

I still need to research this subject. The gist of it is that iron toxicity (see above) can lead to copper toxicity. Check out these links in the meantime:


For women: contraceptive pills and IUDs

I don't know much about this but I've read some worrying things. Check out this thread and follow the retweets.